CreatLearn Lithuania

CreatLearn is a South Baltic cooperation of 5 municipalities, their education administrations & pilot schools, art & culture NGOs, university and the UBC Commission on Education testing & implementing creative learning environments.

The objective of the CreatLearn project is to improve skills of teachers in South BSR – enabling them to lead and learn in a world requiring constantly improving skills.

Klaipeda District Municipality contributes to the project’s objectives with a joint district school project on creative learning processes involving Municipal Education Department and Centre, five schools and three leisure centres into a theatre production on the common theme “Civil Courage”. Klaipeda will share the gained know-how via the online resource centre, partner meetings, teacher trainings and other planned multiplication and dissemination activities. The co-operation in CreatLearn offers them new input on creative pedagogical tools, the opportunity to establish close network contacts and competence building in education sector. Klaipeda will establish bilateral students and teachers exchange with Kalmar Region and actively participate in the social media communication on creative education approach.